XMAS Party Season is upon us!

It is the season to be ‘jolly’ and for ‘goodwill to all men’ and yes your companies XMAS Party!

Xmas parties are normally events held outside of work hours and organised by your business. It is your responsibility as the employer to ensure all employees are kept safe. This also includes their Wellbeing.

The night starts off with festive fun and the drinks start to flow, may be a few more drinks and then the vodka shots get going.

Then a quick dance, on the dance floor, to good old disco music. Then a slow dance with someone in the office, (you may have fancied all year round); but never got to tell them, until now.

But wait… as an employer you need to protect yourself against potential claims at an Employment Tribunal.

Once the hangovers fade, employees may try to bring claims of misconduct, sexual harassment or discrimination, against your business.



As an employer, you can take disciplinary action against an employee who exhibits poor behaviour during and after the XMAS party in some circumstances.

The case Gimson v Display By Design Ltd [ET/ 1900336/2012], demonstrates an employer can dismiss an employee fairly for misconduct outside of the workplace.


Party Tips for Employers.

  • Check and update your XMAS party policy and procedures.
  • Before any outside events circulate your party policy to all employees.
  • Be responsible and think responsibility for your employees (not bah! humbug!)
  • Arrange Taxi’s and don’t let employees drink and drive!
  • Remember Alcohol must not be served to employees under the age of 18!


In an HR Emergency, involving your XMAS Party bloopers, contact Dimension 88, and use our Emergency HR Service!

Happy Holiday Season!

This is not intended to be legal advice. Legal advice should be sought from a qualified professional.