Dimension Eighty Eight ® HR and Training Solutions provide expert outsourced HR troubleshooting, consulting & advice, delivering the flexible services you need in East Anglia.

Since 2011, Dimension Eighty Eight ® has served a range of UK businesses in a number of sectors including, National Retailers, Schools and Colleges, Wholesalers, Global Pet Food Manufacturer and Small Animal Veterinary Practices.

All our outsourced HR and Training services, (some unique to Dimension Eighty Eight ® own brand, Emergency HRtm and Retail Troubleshooter), have been rigorously tried and tested with excellent results for business owners like you.

Michael Coe is an Award Winning ‘Employment / HR Paralegal’2019 and Finalist ‘Paralegal’ of the Year 2019, (sponsored by Which? Legal).

Michael is also an Award winning, Trainer being recognized by the BBC ‘Big Skills Award’ for Suffolk in 2009, gaining the overall ‘Excellence Award”.

He is qualified to level 7 in Employment Law and Human Resources, and holds The award in Education and Training at Level 3, Life- Long learning sector.

In September 2019, Michael as a qualified business Mentor and member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreanurs, IOEE was shortlisted as a Finalist for the IOEE ‘Member of the Year Award’. The Award ceremony will be held at the House of Lords in London in October 2019.