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DiSC® is a model of human behaviour that helps people understand “why they do what they do”. The DiSC model is a simple tool that has been helping people to connect better for over 30 years.

Used globally by millions of professionals every year to build stronger relationships and improve communication, it is a highly precise tool used to identify behavioural style by measuring attributes or qualities of a person and aspects of his or her personality.

The Everything DiSC products are produced by Wiley – one of the largest educational publishing companies in the world.

Everything DiSC is the latest development of the DiSC model and uses Adaptive Testing as the method of assessment to provide a much more insightful and accurate reflection of a person’s behaviour and communication traits.

The reports are application specific which means they are purpose built for managers and leaders, salespeople, and everyone in the workplace.

These tools don’t just provide the individual with an understanding of their own behavioural style, but gives them specific application strategies for improving communication, relationships, and results with others of different styles.

What is your behavioural style?

To obtain your DiSC assessment report, please use the contact form.  Once purchased Reports can then be completed online via secure email.

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