Dimension Eighty Eight ® has been adding new dimensions to a number of client’s businesses since 2011 with impressive results and outcomes.

Michael Coe and Dimension Eighty Eight® are offering the new outsourced service of Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) for your business or organisation.

What is a Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)?

A Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) is an individual who has multiple skills and knowledge to enable CEO’s and Business owners like you to accelerate company growth.

All business owners and organisations can benefit from a CVO during key stages of the business life cycle; from start up, existing or in the stages of accelerated growth.

A CVO can drive your business or organisation forward by ensuring the main long term goals and business plans are clearly focused on.

Adding a new dimension to your business

CVO’s are strategic individuals who work on your business to deliver:

  • A vision for the Future
  • Deliver strategic planning and guidance
  • Problem solve with insight
  • Promote creativity and generate new ideas
  • Advance and navigate innovation
  • Involve external stakeholders

The ultimate aim of a CVO is to accelerate your business growth, achieve financial reward, in an ever changing competitive worldwide marketplace.

Unique Business Consultant

Michael Coe is a unique award winning business consultant who has visionary skills and abilities. Michael has been growing businesses since starting Dimension 88 in 2011.

In 2019, Michael Coe won ‘Shortlisted member of the year’ at the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs award ceremony, held at the House of Lords, London.

See the Future and be a part of the Future

Michael Coe and Dimension 88 know you are looking for future growth within your business. Be part of the present and see the future visions of your business come to life.

Contact us today for a new dimensional vision.

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