Inspiring the Future

Michael Coe from Dimension Eighty Eight ® has been a volunteer with Inspiring the Future for Schools and Colleges since 2012. Inspiring the Future facilitates schools to connect easily with inspirational Volunteers from the world of work, revolutionising the way in which young people get insights into exciting and unique careers and inspiring them to be ambitious.

Michael told us:

I have been a Volunteer with Inspiring the Future for a number of years. I have Volunteered at a schools Careers Fair in Haverhill, Suffolk and been interviewed by A- Level business students at an Ipswich High school.

As an Entrepreneur, I believe it is important to inspire the next generations who will be entering the world of work, now and in the future. I am delighted to be a part of Inspiring the Future and proudly display their logo on our new business website home page.

Being a Volunteer with Inspiring the Future is easy and there are a range of resources available. To sign up as a Volunteer go to: › volunteers › the-sign-up-process